ruger lcr .22 magnum revolver

Testing Out the Ruger LCR .22 Magnum Revolver

How well does the Ruger LCR Revolver in .22 Magnum actually shoot?

Our friend mark3smle got the little revolver out to try it out. See how the Ruger LCR .22 Magnum Revolver actually shoots.

Are you a fan of snub nosed revolvers but not a fan of the recoil? Well the Ruger LCR in .22 magnum cartridge might be perfect for you.

The Ruger LCR Revolver is made in .38 special also. The problem with that is the lightweight revolver kicks quite a bit. Now that same revolver chambered instead for the hot .22 magnum kicks a lot less. That being said the muzzle flash is incredible and the report of a short barreled .22 magnum revolver is quite ear splitting. That little .22 caliber revolver means business.

Special thanks for the honest gun reviews from our friend mark3smle. This little revolver has quite a bark and a bite for certain.