naa mini revolver

Is the NAA Mini Revolver Practical for Protection, or Just a Novelty?

The subject of tiny revolvers sparks many heated discussions.

Some believe that the NAA Mini Revolver might be a concealed carry option. Check out YouTuber mark3smle's test to see if the NAA Mini Revolver is practical or not.

North American Arms Mini Revolvers have many fans and many nay-sayers when it comes to personal protection. It's small size allows for concealed carry very easily and unobtrusive. The small size is hard to hold onto for those longer shots. The single action requires the shooter to cock the hammer before each shot. The 5 shot cylinder needs to be removed to be loaded. Forget quick reloads with this little revolver.

The cartridge in the test revolver is .22 magnum. This hot little number makes a ton of noise and muzzle flash that would certainly shake up an adversary quite a bit. The small diameter .22 caliber bullet will not drop an attacker as fast as a larger more capable cartridge. Would you carry one?

Special thanks go out to our friend mark3smle for the very in depth review on the little NAA Mini Revolver.