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A Close Look at the 1893 Spanish Mauser 7x57mm Rifle

1893 spanish mauser rifle

Mauser rifles have quite a long lineage spanning well over a century.

This 1893 Spanish Mauser rifle is still a great shooter after all those years. Check it out:

Our friend YouTuber mark3smle got a chance to fire a rifle that helped revolutionize the modern bolt action rifle, the 1893 Spanish Mauser rifle.

When Theodore Roosevelt invaded Cuba with Krag Jorgensen rifles among other large caliber arcing trajectory rifles he ran into this rifle. The 1893 Spanish Mauser rifle was the wave of the future with it's flatter trajectory 7x57mm cartridge and fast stripper clip loading. This bolt action rifle could put down a lot of lead at the time on target quickly.

Special thanks go out to mark3smle for sharing the great history of the 1893 Spanish Mauser rifle and showing us first hand what this old warhorse can do.


A Close Look at the 1893 Spanish Mauser 7x57mm Rifle