YouTube: CrazyRussianHacker

Testing a Battery-Operated STIHL Mini-Chainsaw with the Crazy Russian Hacker

Does this tiny chainsaw have a practical purpose?

Almost every property owner and hunter can use a good chainsaw. They are helpful for maintaining the trees on your land and helping keep trails clear of debris. If you start diving into the chainsaw market, you start finding some truly bizarre products out there like the STIHL GTA 26.

One of our favorite gadget and survival item YouTubers, Crazy Russian Hacker, tests out this strange little chainsaw in the video below.

As strange as this battery-operated tool is, it turns out that it really does work well for small jobs, as Taras demonstrates in his backyard.

Curious, we did a little bit more research on this strange product and it turns out that STIHL markets this as a garden pruner, which makes a lot more sense. Still, there is no denying that it is still a chainsaw and is capable of much more than your typical bladed garden pruner. The only downside we see is that 25-minute run time. That means you need to be fast and efficient to get the job done, whatever that happens to be. Obviously, this is meant for extremely light jobs and not downing a whole tree or intricate chainsaw carving.

We are sure that many of you may be asking: 'What's the point?' Well, aside from the usual light garden work it is meant for, we could see this being used by river guides who need to clear up small fallen limbs along their guide routes or by hunters who are simply looking for a quick way to prune their shooting lanes each season before the opener.

It is an interesting little tool either way. We are not sure how popular something like this may be over the larger, gas-powered variety, but it was fun to watch Taras put this little chainsaw through its paces.

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