Tesla Owner Banned From Driving After This Shocking Video Surfaces

A Tesla owner in England went full Minority Report by sitting in the passenger's seat with the auto-pilot on. Not smart.

Look, we get it—we all get it: getting in a car and having it jet you off to wherever you want without worrying about paying attention to the road is a pretty slick idea. Who wouldn't want that? But a Tesla owner in England figured he'd live on the edge a bit by switching on the self-driving feature in his Tesla S 60 and kickback in the passenger's seat.

Look, ma, no hands!

This quasi-dorkus move got the guy banned from driving for 18 months, and that includes being a passenger in autonomous cars. The video just surfaced, but this actually happened last May when Bhavesh Patel, the Nottingham-based (so many Robin Hood references) Tesla owner behind the glove compartment, unmanned the controls. Someone noticed that the white Tesla was zipping along at its own clip and snapped a video of the future-in-motion event.

Patel can even be seen with his hands behind his head, as if he were taking a nap or kicking back, trying to look uber cool here, you guys. The reason why he did this? Well, Patel did admit he thought is was "silly," according to The Telegraph, but he did it anyway because the car was capable of something "amazing." Silly, but amazing—seems like some airtight reasoning right there.

Check out the video below:


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