Haulin' Out!: Tesla Model X Hauls 250,000 Pounds Out of the Boring Tunnel

In this Boring video (pun intended), a Tesla Model X carries out some muck in Elon Musk's Boring Tunnel. It's really Boring.

In a video shared to Twitter, a Tesla Model X displays both its torque and its teamsmanship, hauling out a quarter-million pounds of mud and muck to make way for Elon Musk's Boring Tunnel.

Musk is planning to use the same technology from Tesla to for the powertrain in the underground project in Los Angeles.

A fully electric SUV, the Tesla Model X is already well-known for its high towing capacity; the highest among electric vehicles on the market. The torque and traction on this electric beast is like Elon Musk's way of totally stunting on his haters.

When complete, the Boring Tunnel, already at 100 meters, will connect different outlets throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, lightening up the notorious traffic.

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