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Tesla Says Its Model 3 Production Line May Beat Ford’s Model T

In the latest "What the hell?" news, Tesla thinks its Model 3 electric car production can be more efficient than the Model T.

There isn't a day or two that go by without the auto news industry hearing something about Tesla. From autonomous tech mishaps to extensive recalls, it seems like genius/Bond villain Elon Musk's baby may need a diaper change.

All gross potty humor aside, Tesla is in need of a big win, but it was not going to get one with this great little nugget. According to USA Today, a statement from Tesla pointed out that the Model 3 electric car production line is apparently poised to beat out Henry Ford's iconic Model T line.

Maybe they'll get there in numbers, but overall quality? Still some kinks to work out there.

Quick Hits

"This is the fastest growth of any automotive company in the modern era," Tesla said in its statement. Tesla has gained some criticism with its overall production methods surrounding the Model 3 electric car. Musk has even had to take a break from figuring out how to get Los Angelenos around town underground or shooting new colonizers to Mars to take over production of the car.

"Car biz is hell," Musk tweeted out this past Monday. Yes it is, Mr. Musk.


Facebook: Model 3


The reason Tesla felt inclined to get a little braggadocious is because it's faced some backlash over production issues with the new car. Tesla's stock did, however, get a 5% boost to about $267 in trading after falling pretty sharply in recent weeks following news about less-than-great Model 3 electric car manufacturing.

Challenges Ahead

Tesla says it expects to pump out about 2,000 of the new Model 3 electric car over the next week alone as a "testament to the ability of the Tesla production team." And while these high hopes are great when trying to save face, the company has to handle issues related to faulty autopilot self-driving systems like the one that lead to a deadly crash in California recently.

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