Tesla Factory Exposé Reveals Unsettling Hazards

Accusations against Tesla factory hazards for under-reporting injuries in its California plant has now taken a new turn.

According to a CNBC report from sources at the plant who requested anonymity, there have been four paint shop fires since 2014 in a Tesla factory in Fremont, with aggressive production goals from CEO Elon Musk for the Model 3 failing to maintain a safe work environment.

Issues reported include paint-clogged sprinkler and air filtration systems, fumes, a lack of maintenance, and fires around the production line for the new Tesla Model 3.

Tesla factory

Tesla factory conditions are the spotlight of a new expose.

Come on, Tesla

In turn, a Tesla spokesperson provided a response to the claims about the electric car production line.

"In recent months, we have further enhanced the safety and efficiency of our paint shop, including significant upgrades to equipment, as well as an extensive maintenance effort involving cleaning and calibration," read the statement. "In order to protect the health of our employees, we also conduct regular air monitoring and have proper ventilation and personal protective equipment for everyone who works in the paint shop."

According to a Reveal News report from April 2018, Tesla's injury rate was 83 percent higher than the industry average in 2017 compared to General Motors and Toyota, with testimonies by safety professionals stating injuries of Tesla employees were not reported by law, as well as oversight of safety practices at the Fremont factory for new model cars.

In turn, Tesla and Elon Musk blasted its claims about the assembly line citing a coordinated effort by union supporters to undermine its reputation.

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