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Facebook: The Huntin Grounds

Bowhunter Makes Tragically Bad Shot on Deer

Bowhunting is a game of inches and challenges. Bad shots will happen, but what actually went on here?

Bowhunting is a sport like no other. It's difficult, challenging and, quite simply, a rush. If you have bow hunted long enough, though, you know bad bow shots are going to happen.

If you haven't made a bad placement shot on a deer, missed completely, or wounded a deer with a bow and you go deer hunting often, you are a liar. And I would gladly tell that to your face; it's just going to happen, and anyone who throws insults at this hunter should be ashamed.

This video was posted to Facebook by the Huntin Grounds, and it is disappointing to see how much hunters can try to put other hunters down. Sure, they could have made a better shot. But there's lessons to learn here.

We as hunters aim to make the best shot possible, so when we mess up, it is painful. You never want to see a deer suffer. This hunter looks to have made a bad shot, but after reviewing the clip in slow motion, they might have caught something rather astonishing. This hunter might be able to sleep better after seeing what might have happened.

Watch this video and see if you think it was just a really terrible bow shot, or one freak incident.

The whitetail deer did expire, and they did recover the animal even with that shot placement. But after slowing the video down, it almost looks as if the arrow deflects from the deer's shoulder before flying back into the hind legs of this doe. It's hard to tell, but I can see both sides.

If the deflection did take place, that is one freak incident and a wild story. This is one of the many benefits of filming your hunts. Being able to replay the hunt, and see what really happened while you were wrapped up in the moment.

Having an accurate shot takes time and patience. Knowing your capabilities and effective range are super important. Work in the off-season will help hone those skills. Use proper form, and a good shot will become that much more common.

So, what do you think... terrible shot or freak compound bow incident?