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4 Self-Filmed Goose Hunts That Put You in the Middle of the Action

Self-filming adds challenges to your hunt. But the end results are awesome when you can relive the moment whenever you want.

Waking up early to beat the sun, cool crisp morning air entering your lungs, getting the decoy spread just right, and then hearing that first honk off in the distance. Talk to any waterfowler and they will tell you there aren't too many other things in this world that can top it.

Early goose season can often represent some challenges. Local birds are hard to pin down because they are pond jumping and looking for a solid feed. But these hunts panned out just right.

Ultimate Outdoors gets a few POV cameras rolling and let us tag along for the ride. If you don't want the itch for goose or duck season, we advise you not watch this video.

Take em! Those sweet sweet words sound so good with geese locked up in your face.

Grab a few Go-Pros, Tactacams, and handheld cameras and experiment. Place one in the decoys, one on your gun, one on your buddies head and let the games begin. Try different things but most importantly, just have fun.

Hopefully between all the cameras, you can piece together a hunt and story that you will be able to watch back and reminisce for years to come.

Is is waterfowl season yet?

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4 Self-Filmed Goose Hunts That Put You in the Middle of the Action