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Blood on Your Arrow Can Tell You a Lot About Your Shot Placement

blood on your arrow
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You have to know how to read the signs to learn from a deer's blood.

Knowing how to read the blood on your arrow after a successful shot on a deer can be the difference between a successful tracking and never finding your deer.

Listen closely to everything you can learn from a bloody arrow.

Watch the video below:

If you are new to bowhunting, the ability to read the blood on your arrow and then the knowledge it gives you of how long to wait and what to expect when tracking a deer's blood trail is vital to a successful conclusion of a deer hunt.

A wounded deer doesn't always mean a dead deer, and knowing how to spot the difference will have bearings on your next decisions.

It's not just blood trailing, but reading the blood as well.

There's no worse feeling than knowing you've hit a deer and then not being able to find him, and there's not one better than managing to track down your harvest.

To recap:

A gut shot involves dirty, brown, and smelly blood.

A liver shot leaves dark, burgundy blood.

A lung shot is a good place to aim, and the blood will be pink-red and covered in air bubbles.

A heart shot produces bright red blood and is your highest chance of a quick harvest.

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Blood on Your Arrow Can Tell You a Lot About Your Shot Placement