YouTube: NightHawkInLight

Man Handcrafts a Cheese Puff Machine Gun

Who wouldn't want to shoot cheese puffs at a shocking rate?

Who hasn't tried to swish a cheese puff in someone's mouth? Who hasn't felt the incessant urge to peg the crispy snack food at the back of people's heads? Cheese puffs were destined to fly through the air, were they not?

Well, Ben from YouTube channel NightHawkInLight decided to take the aerial cheese puff to the next level, engineering and building a cheese machine gun!

By fashioning a jar of cheese puffs on top of a leaf blower with an extended tube that serves as a barrel, he was able to build a functional gun. That's right, this thing actually fires cheese balls, and it does so with some very impressive trajectory!

Watch the video below:

The Gatling gun action makes it look like an absolute blast to shoot, but what's the most fascinating is Ben's ability to master the pressure level needed to fire a cheese puff that straight and far!

So, the next time someone tosses a cheese puff at the back of your head when you aren't looking, just turn around with one of these bad boys and let it rip!

How bad do you think one of those cheese balls would hurt if it caught you in the face? I'm guessing it'd have a surprising sting to it!

Anyway, props to this guy for some genius engineering, as not many people could've figured out that whole hopper system. From everything I can see here, it looks like this DIY cheese gun works as well as any cheese gun ever could.

I'd imagine he got the amount of airflow just right, too, as any more might've broken the cheese puffs before they even left the barrel.

Now we just need a cheese pistol!

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