Tennesse blue catfish
Facebook: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Tennessee Angler Pulls 50-Pound Catfish Out of 47-Acre Lake

What is that big fish doing in that small lake?

It isn't all that rare to hear of someone catching a catfish over the 50-pound threshold. It's certainly something to be proud of, but hardly newsworthy.

This Tennessee man caught media attention, though, not because of the fish, but rather where he caught it.

According to a Facebook post from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, John Williams was fishing the 47-acre Coy Gaither/Bedford Lake near in Normandy, Tennessee, when he hooked into a 50-pound blue catfish.

Blue catfish can grow up to 150 pounds, but any experienced angler would be floored to catch a catfish over 20 pounds in a lake this size. The lake, which sits 15 miles east of Shelbyville and Wartrace, is fed by five springs. Built in 1939, it's one of 18 Family Fishing Lakes the TWRA manages.

Just for context, we covered a story earlier this year about a 6-year-old girl who caught a 58-pound blue cat just down the road on Old Hickory Lake, which is covers roughly 22,500 acres.

As someone who's done a lot of catfishing in his life, I can say I've never heard of someone catching a blue this size unless they were fishing a river or a massive lake. However, I do think it's probable this fish actually grew in the lake without someone moving it there; 47 acres isn't just some pond.

Hopefully these big Tennessee catches are just the start of a fun year of fishing! Congratulations to John on an incredible catch!