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Orvis Tugs at the Heartstrings With 'Paul'

Orvis Paul
YouTube: The Orvis Company

This is the foundation what fly fishing is all about.

The Orvis Company is one of the biggest names in fly fishing and upland hunting, thanks to largely to their high-quality products and vast selection in what's arguably a niche market. However, they aren't hurting themselves with their high-quality short films, either.

Short, personal films have become popular in within the outdoors industry, as most of them attempt to capture the indescribable pull we all feel toward wilderness. Some succeed, offering hunters and fishermen masterpieces to revel in, while also providing insight to those detached from our world. Others fall short, leaving viewers with a surplus of wasted excitement.

"Paul" doesn't fall into either of these categories, as it hits harder than a brook trout in a swift current; it swims far below the surface of fly fishing's technical elements--fly rods and reels, fly tying, fish identification and execution--and touches the intangible every film so desperately reaches for.

In this film, we meet Paul Larkin and his brother George, who share a special bond that can only be understood when trout fishing in California's McCloud River.

When Paul's life meets a road block, there's only one place he thinks about to keep him moving forward.

Paul will surely be planning many more fishing trips to the McCloud in the coming years, but I'm sure that first trip back will be hard to top.

It's incredible how therapeutic the outdoors can be. Even in a case as difficult as Paul's, our natural connection with wilderness is a powerful one, and it's something everyone should tap into from time to time.

Thank you to Orvis for sharing this film on YouTube, and here's to waiting for the next "Orvis Presents" film to come out!



Orvis Tugs at the Heartstrings With 'Paul'