Telenav to Display Ads on Your Vehicle's Touchscreen

Soon enough, cars that boast internet connectivity could display ads via the center touchscreen.

Telenav, a provider of connected-car and location-based services, has created a platform on which ads will be streamed through vehicles' touchscreens.

CEO H.P. Jin calls the platform "an exciting new opportunity." Not only does it let drivers—aka consumers—reap the benefits of coupons and offers, but it also allows manufacturers to "monetize connectivity to cover service costs and even drive healthy profits while enriching the consumer experience with safely delivered, engaging and relevant offers."

Simultaneously, it'll help drivers save money and help OEMs make money. The platform "enables automotive OEMs to generate revenue by delivering ads to cars in a safe, user-friendly and contextually-relevant way."

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This technology won't be just for ads, though, as it also offers recommendations to drivers.

The way the ad platform operates is ingenious. While driving, it'll take into account nearby stores, restaurants, and gas stations through the navigation system.

It'll then take that information and scour the establishments for any available advertisements. An ad will pop up informing the driver of any deals.

For example, if you pass a service center, an ad for an oil change may pop up. Or if you're low on gas, it could recommend a local gas station.

An in-vehicle ad platform isn't an entirely bad idea. In fact, it's a smart way for businesses and the like to market their services. But there is a cause for concern when it comes to safety.

However, the ad platform is designed in a way that promotes safety as best as it can. Telenav comments, "ads only appear when the vehicle is stopped, such as at car startup, traffic lights and upon arrival."

The ads disappear once the car starts going again, or when the driver interacts with other functions in the car.

Telenav is also the brains behind Toyota's innovative Scout GPS Link system. While the new ad platform will work with Toyota's navigation seamlessly, it's engineered to be compatible with all types of navigation systems.

Now, Telenav is ready to showcase its creation and hopes to sell it to major manufacturers in the near future.


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