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Teen Builds Off-Grid Tiny House With Recycled Materials

Building your own house is impressive enough, but to do it using mostly recycled materials is almost unfathomable.

The tiny house movement has been one with plenty of inertia over the last decade, as countless people still dream of living a minimalist lifestyle that still includes luxurious perks.

Television shows like "Tiny House, Big Living," "Tiny House Nation" and "Tiny House Hunters" captured the hearts of those who yearn for a unique, cost-effective home, and have helped these houses secure a place in the jet stream of modern trends.

Now in 2020, the craze is still running on a full tank of gas, inspiring a few die-hards to take it even a step further.

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In the following clip, we see a man by the name of Jesse, who decided not only to build his own tiny house, but to do with with mostly recycled materials.

Watch the video below:

Although few people could ever live this way long-term, any avid outdoorsman has to feel a little jealous watching this video.

Jesse mentions that he built his home somewhere in Maine, but it's hard to say just how far removed from "the grid" he really is. At any rate, he certainly didn't take the idea of living a primitive lifestyle lightly.

He's completely self-sufficient, as he doesn't use running water, sewage or even fuel for a lawn mower. How many people have the fortitude to wake up and cut their grass with a scythe every morning?

Additionally, he created his own solar energy system for power, his own garden for food and even a brick oven to cook some high-quality meals.

Tiny house living isn't for everyone, as most of us require a few more square feet in our living space, let alone a real bathroom. But for some, a small house isn't small enough, and tiny living is the only way to go.

Do you think you'd be able to live the tiny home life? Could you handle living in such a small space? Let us know!