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YouTube: Cowboy Kent Rollins

Learn Cowboy Kent's Easy Cast Iron Cleaning Tip

Cooking on cast iron skillets is a popular practice, but many people clean them incorrectly.

Are you tired of replacing cracked cast iron skillets? Do you struggle to get hardened residue to come off?

Well, fortunately for you, Cowboy Kent Rollins is here to offer you some easy cleaning tips to keep your cast iron skillet clean and ready to cook your next meal.

Watch the video:

The first rule of cleaning a cast iron skillet shouldn't come as a surprise, but unfortunately it will. Never wash your hot skillet with cold water! That's what makes it crack!

Always use hot water on hot iron!

However, because you have to use hot water, the hot iron won't cool down much from the water, so you have to be extra careful not to burn yourself.

As for the hardened residue, whether that's some eggs that are stuck to the bottom, or bacon grease that simply doesn't want to come out, salt is your best friend.

With just a tiny bit of added water, or "a smidgen" as Rollins says, the salt will dissolve help lift those tough leftovers right out of the skillet.

Cleaning is a fairly easy process, but key is re-seasoning your skillet once you're finished using it. That will give your next meal a good finish and a great taste.

As Rollins mentions, many people get lazy with this part of the process, re-seasoning once a week or once a month. But it's important to re-season every time to get the best results.

What's your cleaning process and how is it any different?