mule deer
Facebook: Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Watch Mule Deer Migrating Through Wyoming's Baggs Corridor

Few things are as satisfying as watching a herd of mule deer migrate though the backcountry.

When people travel to the plains of Wyoming, there are two things they're certain to see: beautiful rolling hills a lot of pronghorns.

Plenty of other wildlife inhabits the High Plains, too, but many make a point to stay out of sight. And, perhaps none is as seemingly invisible as the mule deer.

However, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department was generous enough to share the footage captured on a trail camera set up along the Baggs Mule Deer Corridor.

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In this clip, we see that mule deer are most definitely out there, abundant in numbers and striking in size.

Watch the video below:

According to the WGFD, the Baggs mule deer herd comprises a little more than 15,000 deer. Each fall, that herd migrates south and west from Wyoming's Sierra Madres and the Atlantic Rim to survive the winter.

While their summer habitats feature especially diverse and thriving habitats, their winter habitats near the town of Baggs are more desolate and unproductive desert ranges, which stretch all the way down into Colorado.

So if you're ever hunting in Wyoming and wondering where the mule deer are, we can assure you, they are there. And, perhaps this mule deer migration route could point you in the right direction.

What's perhaps the most interesting part of this video, though, is the fact that the only animal to actually notice the trail camera was a curious raccoon toward the end.

Mule deer are a mysterious bunch, often regarded as the most evasive of any cervid species. Seeing them move in such high quantities is a special sight.