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Corey 'Overtime' Anderson: The UFC Fighting, Bowhunting, Hardworking Son of a Gun

Don't judge every book by its cover.

Corey Anderson has never tried to be anything but himself. Despite having to overcome some of the social stigmas that unfortunately still come with being an African-American man in certain regions of our country, he's maintained his core values, which he can collectively sum up as "hard work."

The 30-year-old Rockford, Illinois native earned his nickname "Overtime" in the octagon as a mixed martial artist. Though, while it certainly defines him as a fighter, it also defines him as a man.

Anderson grew up hunting to put meat on the table, something his father taught him to do at a young age.

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"If you know me personally, you know if I'm not in the gym, it has something to do with hunting," he says. "I enjoy being outdoors more than I do being in the gym."

While his work in the woods doesn't translate to dollars, he treats it just the same.

Watch the video below:

In this short video from Safari Club International, we don't only see another side of Anderson, but also another, ugly side of hunting.

The hunting community is a strong one, resilient in its numbers and honorable in its loyalty. But like anything else in modern society, some of our fellow stewards of the land still face unfair treatment.

Fortunately for the sake of hunting, we have folks like Anderson who don't let the few keep him from doing what he loves.

He shows us that hard work is the route to achieving your desires, and that nothing should ever stand in the way of who you are.