Ted Nugent Locked Bucks
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Ted Nugent Frees a Locked Buck From Certain Death With a Handgun

Uncle Ted uses a couple well-placed shots to free a trapped buck.

It happens every fall. Whitetails, mule deer, and sometimes even elk and moose get trapped, quite literall, in mortal combat while competing for territory or breeding rights. Unfortunately, in a showing of just how cruel nature can be, some of these animals end up dying after they get locked together and cannot free themselves.

When that happens, sometimes humans are the only ones who can save the day. We have seen people use saws to free two hopelessly tangled bucks on multiple occasions in the past. Whatever works, right?

Well, in this quick clip, two locked-up bucks are discovered by none other than the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent himself. One buck is already dead, and Ted knows the other will likely soon follow.

So, he frees the second buck in typical Nugent fashion, by shooting away one of the tines to get the animal free. The whole incident was caught on video. Stick around after the deer freeing for a bonus reaction of Ted to an anti-hunter harassment video.

"By the time I discovered these bucks, a coyote had already ravaged the rear end of one of these beautiful animals," Nugent says in the subsequent interview.

What we saw here is not that uncommon with other locked buck stories and videos that are floating around the web. The coyotes take advantage of two animals that cannot defend themselves and attack from the rear, often consuming much of it while the other animal can do nothing but look on in horror.

In case you were wondering, the idea of using a handgun to shoot the antlers of two locked-up deer is not as uncommon as you may think. Here at Wide Open Spaces, we have seen game wardens use this method dozens of times over the years. It is a bit unorthodox, but it is also probably slightly less stressful for the animal than getting in close with a chainsaw or other tool.

This video also says something about the importance of training consistently with your firearm to be able to hit a small target like that. Nice shooting Ted, we're glad to see at least one of those bucks lived to fight another day!

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