New Infographic Dispels Common Myths About "Silencers"

Here's an infographic that explains and dispels some of the most common suppressor myths floating around out there.

SilencerCo says, "We love what we do and take pride in the products we produce. We're not only manufacturers, we're end users...just like you." With that in mind, the company has put together a solid infographic that dispels some of the common suppressor myths promulgated by the anti-gun media.

Although some of us know use and benefits of suppressors personally, we have a ways to go in terms of their perception among the general, non-gun owning public - and even within the gun community.

Most folks think they know about silencers, but their knowledge comes primarily from the film industry, which has shown suppressors being used primarily by secret agents and assassins to muffle the sound their handguns make when they perform their clandestine deeds.

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Every movie scene showing a suppressor seems to show an operative screwing a silencer onto his semiautomatic pistol just before quietly creeping up behind someone to assassinate them.

There's a lot more to silencers than that fictional application, and even that portrayal is flawed (suppressors generally don't actually silence a gun's report - that's one of the myths covered in this infographic).

supressor myths

It might not be a bad idea to print this suppressor myths infographic and post it at your shooting range, gun club or sportsmen's clubhouse... or even in your personal man cave. After all, the more folks we can help educate about suppressors, the more likely we will have success in changing the often misinformed public perception concerning them, and the more likely it will be that we can help enact legislation in favor of suppressors and the hearing protection they provide.

You can also access this infographic via the SilencerCo website.

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