ARMTAC Suppressor is So Silent it Sounds Like Shooting a Pellet Gun

The ARMTAC suppressor is truly unbelievably silent. On this Ruger 10/22 it is so quiet that it sounds like firing a BB gun.

Jeb Burnett is the vice president of ARMTAC Suppressors and he demonstrates the company's monotube integral suppressor on a Ruger 10/22 rifle. This firearm is unbelievably quiet. In fact, it's click quiet, meaning that about all you hear is the clicking of the action with each shot.

Seriously, it sounds like you're shooting a BB or pellet gun.

Burnett indicates that the Ruger 10/22 platform is the most popular build for the company.

"The barrel is ported to reduce commonly available bulk pack high velocity ammo to subsonic velocities, eliminating the crack of the bullet breaking the sound barrier," says Burnett. "So there's no need to go out and find more expensive and difficult to find subsonic ammunition to make the suppressor effective."

To be rated as subsonic, ammo velocity needs to be at or below 1125 fps. This build is similar to their CZ 455 American series build, which cuts velocity down to somewhere between 950 and 1050 fps.

The ARMTAC website indicates the following concerning their rimfire integral suppressors:

Armtac has taken its proven "Monotube" integral .22 suppressors & retooled it "Reaver-Style".
Gone is the traditional sleeved barrel & separate baffle stack we used in our monocores.

The Reaver .22 now features our true one-piece integral suppressor. The barrel assembly is a 7075 T6 Aluminum sleeve. The baffle stack is a 420 Stainless Steel barrel liner with a 321 Stainless Steel removable o-ringed tube that covers the barrel and suppressor assembly.

Oh yeah, it comes off for cleaning as well.

After shooting a clip full of Remington High Velocity ammo Burnett reiterates, "As you can hear, the gun is extremely quiet. The bullet impact is actually louder than the gun going off. The action noise in this rifle is the loudest thing that there is in the whole rifle."

The 10/22 rebuild with the suppressor sells for $975. Not a bad deal for a popular .22 rifle that sounds quieter than a pellet gun.

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