Suped-Up Video Game 'Project Cars' is Coming to Mobile

Project Cars, the hyper-realistic video game, is set to be offered as a mobile game in the near future.

Fans of the racing game, Project Cars, will be happy to note that the ultra-realistic game is all set to head to their pockets. Slightly Mad Studios is touting its announcement that it will soon be developing the fan favorite video game for mobile fun.

Road Ready

According to Engadget, the game, and its sequel, which have been keeping gamers entertained since 2015, has gotten plenty of calls to go mobile lately. The new project, Project Cars GO, will also bring those gamers its signature realistic style of gaming. The first-person racing game puts users in the driver's seat, which will assuredly be a big hit for VR sets.

While the studio is aiming to keep the same spirit of hyper-realism seen in the PC games, don't count on it completely being a smooth transfer. Project Cars for mobile will have to sacrifice some of that due to the size of the screen and the overall capability of PC versus cell phone.

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