sketchiest guns

Sunday Gunday: 7 Sketchiest Guns Ever

Would you pull the trigger on any of these guns?

Weather they're damaged or poorly constructed, some guns just need to be retired forever.

7. This flood-damaged, double-barreled shotgun has some serious bore fitting. Would you fire a shell through those barrels?

6. This classic revolver will buff right up right?

5. Well this homemade "gun" is a third-world plumber's special. It even has multiple "barrels" for different calibers. There's even a 12-gauge shotgun conversion. Run, run far away from this sketchy weapon.

4. This homemade zip gun might just bite you more than your attacker.

3. This "double-barreled shotgun" appears to have been assembled from the contents of a hardware store's dumpster. Looks legit, right?

2. This rifle from a war a long time ago, and it's just itching for someone to restore it, right? Carve a stock from the tree you cut it out of, spray on some WD-40 and you'll be ready to shoot 1-inch groups...

1. Load this one up for your concealed carry needs. You'll certainly get some street cred...

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