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Sunday Gunday: 6 Lever-Action Rifles You Must Own

Lever-action rifles are the quintessential hunting rifle by definition.

Anyone who owns a lever-action rifle knows how easy it is to become addicted to buying, collecting and shooting these rifles.

You should certainly add these six lever-action rifles to your collection.

1. Henry Arms .45-70 Lever-Action Rifle

This incredible lever-action shoots as good as it looks. Proudly made in America, this tube-magazine-fed rifle digests the big and powerful .45-70 caliber cartridge, perfect for anything from deer to big bears. It's my number-one favorite when hunting big Ohio whitetail deer from medium range.

2. Marlin .45-70 Model 1895 Lever-Action Rifle

This is where it pays to shop vintage. The older models don't have that annoying crossbolt safety lawyers just love to mess up great rifles with. For the fans of receiver loading ports over tube-fed magazines like the Henry, well, find an old rifle in good shape. It tells a story and proves its usefulness time and time again. Once again, this one is chambered in my favorite .45-70 caliber.

3. Henry Arms Long Ranger Lever-Action Rifle

Need to reach way out there but think a lever-action rifle is only for moderate ranges? Well, this Henry Rifle, offered in .308, .243 and .223 calibers, will reach way out there with Henry quality. It also feeds from detachable box magazines too. Bolt-action rifles envy this hot rifle.

4. Winchester Model 94 .30-30 Lever-Action Rifle

Here is a rifle with a long lineage and piles of big game to its name. You owe it to yourself to own one, especially if it's the more sought-after, older model without those infernal crossbolt safeties that click on at the worst possible times.

5. Henry Arms Classic Lever-Action .22 Rifle

What could be more fun to hunt small game with and pop tin cans at the range with? Step back in time and shoot those targets with the classic lever-action, small-bore .22 rifle that's easy on the ears and the wallet, too.

6. Winchester Model 1895 Rifle

Famous for being Theodore Roosevelt's "big stick," this rifle chambered in .405 Winchester was a powerhouse. Now that is quite a beautiful piece of hunting history.

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