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Sunday Gunday: Top 7 Gun Resolutions For The New Year

gun resolutions for the New Year

What are you going to do differently in 2018?

Well, we gun enthusiasts have some of our own resolutions.

1. Buy a gun each month

You might not want to give this list to your spouse unless he or she is a shooter too. In that case, you'd better add an extra gun to that resolution, right?

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2. Buy a designated amount of ammunition with each paycheck

Now, this one makes a lot of sense, too. Remember, diamonds may be forever, but bullets are a lot more fun. When was the last time diamonds fueled your Colt 1911?

3. Buy a new, bigger range bag

Well, this one goes along with the first two. More guns and ammo require a bigger bag.

4. Find more range time

Tell your boss you can't work overtime. You have a range date.

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5. Try something new

In the gun world, there's a myriad of options. Why not handload your own custom loads, or try cowboy action shooting?


6. Finally take those safe queens out to the range.

You bought 'em, you might as well shoot 'em.

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7. Teach the next generation to shoot

Face it guys and gals, we're not getting any younger. The next generation needs to learn our hobbies so they can carry on the tradition!


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Sunday Gunday: Top 7 Gun Resolutions For The New Year