Study by Zendrive Reveals Poor Driving Behavior Near Schools

According to a study by traffic analytics company Zendrive, driving behavior near schools is worse than ever.

Using behavioral data from 9 million drivers over three years, the firm awarded a poor traffic safety score grade of C to drivers operating within a quarter mile of schools, counting speeding, hard braking, and similar as part of the grading criteria.

Amongst other findings was California as the most dangerous state for hard braking, and Michigan as the worst state for distracted phone usage.

"Everyone has a mobile phone these days, and as we've found, the majority of drivers typically use one when they are behind the wheel," said Jonathan Matus, Zendrive CEO. "With collisions at an all-time high, in large part because of distracted driving, it's become even more imperative that we do more to protect our children. "

An April 2017 study also found that 88 percent of Americans use their phones in-vehicle, with motor vehicle crashes as the single leading cause of death for teenagers.

To learn how dangerous drivers drive in your school's area, visit Zendrive School Safety Snapshot: Back to School 2018.