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Stolen Dog Found Along with 16 Other Potentially Stolen Pets in Ohio

The search for one stolen dog led to a big discovery in Peebles, Ohio.

Deputies and animal rescuers in Adams County stumbled upon a suspected dog theft ring that so far has brought 17 dogs into the local shelter. Adams County Deputy Randy Walters told local news agencies his department received a report of a missing canine a few days ago. They followed a lead, and new information brought them to the doorstep of a run-down trailer off Jones Road in Peebles, Ohio.

Inside, deputies were greeted by raucous barking and whining from 17 dogs crammed into tiny spaces and dirty living conditions. One of the dogs in the trailer was confirmed to be the missing dog they were looking for. The allegedly stolen dog was returned to its owner, but that still leaves 16 dogs with unknown backgrounds.

The dogs are confused and scared, but reports say they behave like pets, and many are expensive breeds. There's a pure-white husky among the group as well as several Chihuahuas, a Bloodhound mix, and a few pit bulls.

The official investigation led police to two women, Olivia Yost and Molly Salser, who have been charged with theft and tampering with evidence. Officials suspect the two women have been operating an extensive dog theft operation, and an ongoing investigation will determine if the other 16 dogs were also stolen, and if the women were selling dogs for profit.

Adams County Sheriffs Office is encouraging everyone in the area to visit their Facebook page and contact them if any of the recovered dogs look familiar. In only 48 hours since the pictures were posted on Facebook, dozens of people have already come forward hoping to find their missing dogs. Rescuers are checking for microchips and inviting people with plausible claims of ownership to visit the dogs in person. The process of reuniting owners with missing dogs will be long and arduous, but they're determined to give all 16 dogs a happy ending.

If any of these dogs look familiar, contact the Adams County Dog Pound at 937-544-2431.

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