Stephen Tucker
Facebook/Tucker Buck

Stephen Tucker Harvests Big Buck During Tennessee's Early August Archery Season

A familiar face already has a big buck on the ground this year.

Back in late May, Tennessee wildlife officials decided to hold a late August archery-only deer hunt for the first time ever. The idea was to give hunters from the Volunteer State the opportunity to harvest a buck in velvet.

The three-day season is done and over with already, but a familiar name has cropped up as one of the season's successful hunters in Stephen Tucker.

Tucker, as you may recall, became a household name when he shocked the whitetail world in 2016 after shooting a 312-inch non-typical. That buck currently stands as the largest hunter-killed whitetail ever in the Boone and Crockett record books. Like many Tennessee hunters, Tucker took advantage of this new early season this year. He recently posted a photo of his Aug. 25 harvest on his Facebook page.

"First afternoon of the first ever Tennessee velvet hunt was a success!" Tucker wrote with the photo.

One would think after shooting a world-record buck, everything after that would be a letdown. But Tucker took a really nice buck last season, too, and later told reporters it was just as exciting as his world-record deer.

So we imagine bagging this big velvet buck likely brought the same thrills. Can we just talk for a second about the awesome last three years of hunting this guy's had? We're certainly jealous! Congrats on another great buck, Stephen!