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Breaking News: New World Record Whitetail is Upheld

Boone & Crockett confirms largest Non-Typical Whitetail taken by a hunter.

One of the most unique bucks any of us have ever set eyes on has finally become the official world record non-typical whitetail buck according to B&C at a score of 312-0/8. After tons of news and updates on the deer, and rumors of it maybe not being the record, Stephen Tucker can rest easy knowing he has the king of all deer.

You have probably seen more videos and read more articles than you care to talk about on this deer, so we won't hammer home all the details you have heard a thousand times, but the taken in Tennessee this past season has been accepted by the Boone and Crockett Club with an entry score surpassing the current record taken by a hunter as of February 15, 2017.

When we say unique, we mean unique. In more ways than one, this deer is very special. Coming from a state not known as a big buck contender like some of the corn fed states in the Midwest, this buck shattered any Tennessee records by a large margin.

An incredible rack with 47 scoreable points, the strange palmation and rack structure made it one of the most difficult deer to score that many of these official scorers can ever recall, taking up to almost four hours to complete.

Justin Spring, club director at B&C added, "What also makes this particular deer special is an entry score of 312-0/8 on only a 149-1/8 inch typical frame, which includes a modest inside spread of 14-1/8 inches. That's 162-7/8 inches of abnormal points."

162-7/8 inches of abnormal points... let that sink in. That is a heck of a deer score in itself.

In a world of Facebook and social media, the haters can be silenced... it is officially official. The new world record whitetail, ladies and gentlemen!

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