Starving Dog with Broken Jaw Gets a Helping Hand and a Brand New Life

Animal Aid received a call about a stray dog that had not moved in two days. 

Wasting no time, the rescue team rushed to the scene. There, a team member found the dog. She was too weak to move, and a closer examination revealed that she was suffering from a broken jaw. The dog was starving to death.

The rescuer gently picked her up and transported her to the Animal Aid shelter.

There, veterinarians placed a wire around her lower jaw in order to help it heal and allow her to eat again.

With lots of TLC and lifesaving nourishment, the dog, whom rescuers named Dory, began to regain her strength.

Watch Dory's rescue and recovery journey:

Animal Aid saved Dory's life. This lucky girl will live out her days at the Animal Aid shelter alongside a diverse collection of other rescued street animals, including donkeys, cows, goats, and pigs.

Animal Aid is an organization devoted to saving the lives of India's forgotten animals. Click here to learn more about what the organization does, and find out how you can help save precious lives, just like Dory's.


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