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How to Start a Fire with an Empty Lighter


Need to start a fire in a survival situation but all you have is an empty lighter you found on the ground? Here's how to do it.

Survival Lilly shows how she starts a campfire by hacking an empty lighter.

Fire is, of course, an essential survival resource. Being able to make a fire when you're in a tough spot can literally save your life. But this is also something you can do when you're camping or trekking into the bush, just for fun.

And of course it never hurts to be able to add one more small skill to your self-reliance bag of tricks.

Who knows, maybe one day you'll find yourself stranded in an alpine wilderness or on a deserted island in the Pacific, and you may just happen to find an old empty lighter lying in the snow or dirt. Wouldn't it be great to know how to use it to start a life-saving fire?

I think the main takeaway from Lilly's effort here is to maintain your optimism or positive frame of mind, and to take your time and be methodical when using the lighter to start a fire. Use the lighter's wheel to gently build a small amount of ferrocerium dust and place the dust on your tinder. So long as you can create a spark with the lighter, you should be successful if you can create some small amount of dry tinder.

They say that to really understand something you need to hear it several different times from several different sources, and practice it yourself. I don't know how applicable that old advice is for something as simple as starting a fire with an empty lighter, but this is the second video on the subject that I've shared.

Click here to see the first video from "The King of Random" on how he starts a fire using a broken or empty lighter.

Of course if you have a beard you can always start a fire with it, à la Dave Canterbury.

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How to Start a Fire with an Empty Lighter