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Top 5 Fire Hacks for Survival Situations

fire hacks

Here are some fire hacks that could help get you over the hump should you find yourself in a survival situation. Bet you didn't know about using a marker.

Here are four fire hacks that are simple and easy enough, and could possibly help you start a fire should you find yourself in an emergency situation. The fifth fire-making hack really requires a skill that most would find pretty tough to master.

NorthSurvival is a popular survival tips and techniques-oriented youtube channel. It has well over 260,000 subscribers, which may seem a little curious given that its host, Andree Stedt, speaks with a thick Swedish accent that is sometimes a little difficult for American ears to decipher. But that's really a big part of his charm.

The other part that is so appealing is that he has a sense of humor that is delivered in a kind of deadpan manner. This video highlights Andree's humorous style, as you will see in his fifth and final fire-making hack.

I have to admit that while the use of chips and pine resin are well-known fire-making hacks, the one using the inside of a marker never occurred to me before. That was a good one, although I think it probably a bit unlikely that you'd ever actually use it.

Why give up a marker that could be put to better use and might well come in handy somewhere else down the road?

Andree's use of pine resin to make a "candle on steroids" is a great tip though too. Keep that one in your back pocket, so to speak.

His use of canned tuna is also a good one, but of course you'll have to decide if making a candle is worth giving up the oil in the can that you could eat instead.

His final fire hack is one I've been practicing and practicing, but just can't seem to get to work effectively. All I get is a headache. Maybe you need to be from Sweden to make fire that way?

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Top 5 Fire Hacks for Survival Situations