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Watch Dave Canterbury Make Fire with His Beard

Famed survivalist Dave Canterbury shows, tongue in cheek, what “real men” do in desperate situations – they yell for HELP! 

Dave Canterbury hurls himself, literally, onto the scene of this new commercial for Hoya Photochromic Lenses. He swings from an overhanging tree limb, dives onto a gopher exiting its hole, hurdles a fallen tree, rubs animal feces on his face, and pushes over a tree with a look of satisfaction on his face. A rotten tree.

We know we’re in for a treat and something completely new and different with Canterbury in this hilarious commercial.

When Dave starts talking about some new reality survivalist show, he does so while carving a spearpoint in a stick with his thumbnail. He absentmindedly thrusts the spear into the earth at his feet, only to come up with a bloody rabbit – a plush rabbit toy. He takes a bite, spits it out and says, “Let’s cook a meal!”

“I’m the best fire maker there is!” he boasts, and then he proves it by starting a fire by rubbing his bare hands together! “Of course anybody can do it with their hands,” he smirks. So he duct tapes his hands together and makes a friction fire with his feet!

But here’s where a real man enters the game. After scoffing at using his feet, Canterbury scooches forward on the ground and flicks his beard on a stone, creating a spark that starts the tinder bundle in front of him. That’s right, he uses his beard. Haha!

Then he asks the cameraman for a piece of tape and pulls his beard from his face with the tape. “No beard,” he says. “Never done this before. How am I gonna start fire?”

Suddenly wolves begin howling. Quickly Dave tells the frightened cameraman not to worry, they just need to start a fire. He asks for the cameraman’s eyeglasses and, with hands and feet still duct taped together, he attempts to start a fire with the spectacles. But as the light changes the Hoya Photochromic Lenses turn dark. “Not working,” Canterbury cries. Then noticing the eyeglasses have changed color “Oh man, you gave me light reactive lenses?”

Off runs the cameraman, whereupon Dave looks into the fallen camera and says, “Now I’ll show you a new technique. HEEEELP!!” He gets to his feet and bounces quickly out of the scene.

It’s hilarious. Who knew that Canterbury could do comedy? It’s a brilliant commercial and Dave does fantastic in it.

I just love when the sparks come flying off of his beard.

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Watch Dave Canterbury Make Fire with His Beard