Stanley & Livingstone 4 Bore Elephant Gun

Stanley and Livingston 4-Bore Elephant Gun Packs a Historical Punch

Back in the day, a 4-bore elephant gun was the end-all in big-bore power.

This massive rifle was carried by none other than the legendary Sir Henry Morton Stanley.

Stanley was packing some heavy artillery when he finally met up with with the famous explorer, David Livingston. In the deep wilderness of Africa, big game is also incredibly dangerous game, so a big gun definitely comes in handy.

Learn all about the incredible 4-bore elephant gun in the video below:

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

When you have the chance of encountering large, dangerous African beasts, 4-bore rifles were a great way to protect yourself. Each loaded with black powder, the single-shot or double-barrel rifles were some of the best guns to carry.

One shot to the cranium would drop a huge bull in a quick moment of sheer terror.

We'd like to give a special thanks to the NRA National Firearms Museum for sharing the story of this famous 4-bore elephant rifle. Could you imagine the stories that rifle could tell?

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