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An In-Depth Profile of the Elephant Gun


The "elephant gun" is a generic term to describe guns that are of a large enough caliber to tackle even the mighty elephant.

Lets look at some elephant guns and the immense bullets they shoot!

How about a big bore rifle shooting the .600 Nitro Express cartridge? This cartridge shoots a 900-grain bullet at around 2,050 feet per second (fps). This big thumper has been chambered in a variety of rifle actions, including bolt, double barreled rifle and single shot rifles.


Is the .600 Nitro Express too small? Try the Holland and Holland (H&H) .700 Nitro Express cartridge. This beast fires a 1,000-grain bullet at a velocity of 2,000 feet per second (fps). Ouch!

Pictured below is the business end of a .700 Nitro Express double rifle (on left) compared to a .270 Winchester caliber double rifle (on right).

Ferlach Guns

The Holland & Holland  .700 Nitro Express double rifle, as pictured below, is meant for fast shooting on extremely large game animals like rhinos, cape buffalo and elephants, when every split second counts. If you haven't hit your mark in two shots, you have probably been eaten or trampled by your prey turned predator!

Ferlach Guns

Want a more modern elephant gun caliber? Try the .577 Tyrannosaur (T-REX). This caliber shoots 750-grain solid bullet at 2,480 feet per second (fps). Invented in 1993 by cartridge maker A-Square, the recoil has been well-known as practically unmanageable.

Airborne Combat Engineer

If you find yourself in a real-life "Jumanji" game and an elephant stampede is on the way, reach for your trusty elephant gun and make some noise!


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An In-Depth Profile of the Elephant Gun