President Grover Cleveland's Giant 8 Gauge Colt Shotgun

Take a Look at President Grover Cleveland's Giant 8-Gauge Colt Shotgun

A big man needs a big gun.

Well, President Grover Cleveland a really big sporting shotgun.

Check it out by watching the video below:

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At around 360 pounds, United States President Grover Cleveland was a big man. As a hunter, he wanted a really big double-barreled shotgun. How about an 8-gauge, double-barreled shotgun? Colt was ready to upsize a side-by-side shotgun that was already made in 10- and 12-gauge options specifically for this American President.

What they would ultimately create was a one-of-a-kind, as Colt hasn't made a shotgun in the huge 8 gauge since.

We'd like to thank the NRA National Firearms Museum for sharing such a beautiful and ultra-unique waterfowling shotgun.

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