dangers of the dreaded squib load

Squib Loads? Hickok45 Shows Us The Danger Of Them

Squib loads can be the death of a good firearm.

They can also be very harmful to a shooter, and bystanders, too. Hickok45 shows us the dangers of the dreaded squib load.

So you are banging away at targets with your favorite gun and then you hear a click or lower report noise. Keep shooting, right? Better hold your horses there buddy. You may just have a squib load.

A squib load is simply a cartridge that did not have enough power to propel the bullet fully out of the barrel. That bullet is jammed into the barrel. If you shoot another bullet into the back of that one you might just blow up the gun. Oh yes and it might sting you quite a bit too.

Special thanks to the great Hickok45 for going over squib loads and how to fix them. Always watch for squibs and hangfires when shooting. The life you save may just be your own.