winchester model 12 shotgun

Hickok45 Shoots the Classic Winchester Model 12 Shotgun

The classic Winchester Model 12 shotgun is a work of art.

This long out-of-production shotgun still gets the job done extremely well. Check out Hickok45 as he shoots the classic Winchester Model 12 shotgun.

Many of us are fans of pump action shotguns. If you are, the Winchester Model 12 shotgun is probably on top of your must-have list.

The Winchester Model 12 pump action shotgun now long out of production has an interesting feature. If you hold down the trigger while pumping in the shotshells it will fire as quickly as a semi-automatic shotgun. This handy feature lets this pump action shotgun shoot with incredible speed. This lawyer unfriendly feature is no longer available on production weapons so buy vintage.

Special thanks to the great Hickok45 for bringing this classic shotgun out to play. The Winchester Model 12 shotgun is indeed one of the best.