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Shooters Beware of the Dreaded Squib Load [VIDEO]

The dreaded squib bullet can ruin your day.

The squib bullet can cause injury to you and destroy your gun.

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See in this video what a squib load actually is and what to do if you encounter one.


A squib bullet is an underpowered cartridge that can lodge a bullet in the gun's barrel.

In this video, a squib bullet is encountered. Shooting is immediately ceased, and the pistol is disassembled. With the help of a cleaning rod and a hammer, the stuck bullet is freed. If the bullet had remained in the barrel and the gun shot with another cartridge, an explosion would have happened.

When you are practicing shooting, take your time and listen to every shot. If anything sounds off, unload the gun and check for obstructions. Your gun and your life may be in danger.

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Shooters Beware of the Dreaded Squib Load [VIDEO]