Fix Your Dog's Squeaky Toys With These Replacement Squeakers

It's happened to every dog owner at least once: you buy your dog a new toy with a squeaker, and within a few days (or a few minutes) your doggy has proudly punctured the squeaking mechanism, leaving you with a squeaky toy that won't make noise anymore. Luckily, Downtown Pet Supply sells squeakers for dog toys, so you can keep your dog chew toys more fun for playtime.

Increase the lifespan of your squeaky dog toys with these noise maker insert replacements, they're a great way to keep your dogs interested in their plush dog toys for a long time! These replacement squeakers have a nice loud squeak, so your dogs and teething puppies will stay entertained for hours.

Downtown Pet Supply Large Replacement Squeakers, 2" in Diameter

Whether you have a bunch of squeaker dog toys laying around the house with broken noise makers, or you want to make new toys for your pet, these Downtown Pet Supply replacement squeakers are a super easy solution. You can even make your own dog toys by placing one of these in a teddy bear or other toy that didn't squeak before. If you have a dog who prefers their toys stuffing-free, you'll save a lot of money by restuffing their old toys and adding new squeakers to them.

The pricing on these replacement squeakers is excellent, a pack of 20 squeakers only costs $8, which is about the cost of one dog toy. You can even get packs of 40, 60, or 100 squeakers and the most you'll pay is $27, which is a deal! Pet toys can be expensive, especially if you have a chewer who likes to destroy any squeaky dog toy or crinkle toy they get. This is a great way to save money.

The options for creating new toys for your doggy are limitless. Whether you add a squeaker to an old tennis ball or you add squeakers to a bunch of toys to keep any chewers busy, these will keep large and small dogs alike entertained.

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