Truckee Tahoe People

Spotted! Cat in a Space Backpack at Local Ski Resort

Kitty likes outdoor snow sports too. 

Posted in the local Facebook group, Truckee Tahoe People, a photo of a cat in one of those space cat backpacks seen in the parking lot of a ski resort quickly went viral.

cat at ski resort

While it is unclear if the skier really went on the hill with the kitty, people everywhere loved the fact that someone went to Alpine Meadows ski resort in Lake Tahoe, California and remembered to bring their cat.

Some concerned cat owners stressed that even though the cat looks comfortable, this kind of outing can be extremely stressful for the cat. But if your cat is used to the outdoors, this backpack can be a good way for your best friend to see the world though the semi-sphere window.


The image made its rounds and was soon posted on the page Jerry of the Day, a popular page in the ski and snowboard community.

The space pack costs $255 and you can purchase a U-Pet backpack on Amazon complete with air holes and shoulder straps if you want to start bringing your cat or small dog skiing or something... Welcome to the world of innovative pet carriers.

Best comment we saw on the original photo? When being a crazy cat lady gets extreme...

What do you think about taking a cat to a ski resort in a bubble backpack? Tell us in the comments below.

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