SPOT Mapping

SPOT Launches SPOT Mapping to Aid With Satellite Messengers

SPOT's latest update makes it even safer to wander in the outdoors.

If you're planning some big camping trips into the backcountry this year, it's comforting to know SPOT tracking services have just been upgraded.

SPOT's parent company, Globalstar Inc, announced SPOT Mapping is a new upgrade available to anyone who owns a SPOT X, SPOT Trace, SPOT Gen 3 or any SPOT legacy products. These products have been providing solid peace of mind for anyone wandering away from a good cell phone signal for years now.

In a press release, SPOT says this new upgrade gives the advantage of real-time tracking, so your loved ones will always know where you are during an outdoor adventure. It also allows you to store data on your trips for multiple years so you can find that cool and isolated camping spot no one else knows about again. This new upgrade also includes shareable and mobile responsive maps.

It just adds even more usability to devices like the SPOT X. Wide Open Spaces Editor Eric Pickhartz found the device extremely useful for both peace of mind and relaying messages to family in a remote part of Wyoming during a pronghorn antelope hunt. SPOT has quickly gained a devoted following of users who trust these devices with their lives. This latest update was a result of the company listening to that fanbase.

"We have consistently listened to our customer's feedback and worked diligently to offer a new enhanced mapping experience," Globalstar CEO Dave Kagan said in a press release. "SPOT is proud to have initiated nearly 7,000 recues worldwide and our hope is that our mapping platform brings a new level of visuals and functionality to keep outdoor adventures safer and more informative than ever."

Users wanting more features like unlimited users, an increased position history or unlimited contacts can upgrade their subscription to either a premium or enterprise level. These subscriptions offer a few more features and a little more peace of mind for as low as $25 a year.

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