Wide Open Spaces on the Road in Wyoming


We went to the outdoorsman's paradise that is Wyoming for some range shooting and prairie dog hunting.

Wyoming is known as a versatile place for the modern sportsman. We couldn't pass on the chance to travel to the rolling hills and sage brush prairies with members of the Mossberg, Federal Premium, Gamo Air Guns, and Birchwood Casey teams. We had a full schedule of shooting at a top notch range, then spent some time hunting prairie dogs with some incredible new guns.

What was especially cool was the fact that we were staying with Spur Outfitters, who were great hosts and helped set the stage for a wonderful few days with some of the coolest and newest gear in the industry.

To start with, Gamo had their new pre-charged pneumatic big bore rifles, which they're claiming are now more than capable of taking down medium- to (some) big-sized game animals. We were aiming at Birchwood Casey targets for the most part, but the prairie dogs learned how powerful a Gamo air gun can be as well.

Mossberg also had new guns for us to shoot, including a lineup of amazing-looking MMRs. In fact, one of them was used, with some Federal ammo, to help everyone who attended the event accomplish a mile-long shot. Needless to say, we were impressed.

Overall, we found out firsthand how great of a destination Wyoming can be for sportsmen of all kinds. Nearby rivers featured great fly fishing, the elk and antelope seasons were lining up to be great, and the scenery was more than fantastic.

If you've never been to Wyoming, it's time to look into it. Odds are you'll find plenty of things you like to do, and many of them are reasonably priced and accomplished when compared to a lot of hunting, fishing, and outdoor-oriented trips you can make these days.

We'd be remiss without thanking our colleagues at Mossberg, Federal, Birchwood Casey, and Gamo, not to mention the fine folks at Spur Outfitters. We were well taken care of, and got to experience some of the latest and greatest from the world of guns.

It was the perfect setting, and anyone who's been to Wyoming would probably agree.