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The Jackalope Rut Is Starting to Heat Up in Wyoming

jackalope rut wyoming 1
Photos via Facebook/JR Robison

Check out these extremely rare photographs of two rutting jackalope bucks fighting each other for breeding rights.

While other seasons are starting to heat up around the U.S., many forget the jackalope rut has started in Wyoming. This year is looking like it will be a record year for jackalope hunting!

While they are normally an elusive species, these shy creatures throw caution to the wind at the start of the jackalope rut, which occurs between the end of snipe season and the beginning of the unicorn rut.

If you’re lucky enough to have a jackalope tag, the jackalope rut is an ideal time to bag a great trophy buck.

jackalope rut wyoming 2

This hunter managed to capture these incredible, close-range photographs of two rutting jackalope near Cody, Wyoming. With the jackalope rut going full-bore, sights like this one will be much more common everywhere jackalope are found.

jackalope rut wyoming 3

Jackalope bucks are known to be pretty aggressive, especially during the jackalope rut. This photographer was extremely lucky to get close enough to take these photographs without being attacked!

jackalope rut wyoming 1

Both of those bucks are pretty nice, but the one on the left (above) is outstanding. He’ll make the Boone & Crockett record book for sure. I’d probably give the one on the right another year.

jackalope rut wyoming 5

I’m sure there was an unseen jackalope doe in heat nearby that was the prize of this brutal fight.

jackalope rut wyoming 7

Just like with deer, the jackalope rut often starts earlier up north than it does in southern states, so jackalope hunters in Texas might have to wait a couple more weeks before seeing activity like this.

Anyone seeing signs of the jackalope rut starting where you live?

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The Jackalope Rut Is Starting to Heat Up in Wyoming