sportsman's box

Sportsman's Box is Everything It's Cracked Up to Be

We got to test out the famous subscription service for outdoorsmen, so we can tell you exactly what to expect.

A concept that first had consumers scratching their heads, "mystery box" subscription services have become a mainstay in a wide variety of retail markets.

There are a slew of factors you could look toward for an understanding of how they became successful, but now that they're here to stay, it's a wonder why we ever had to wait for such a fun idea.

When you strip away the business mumbo jumbo, it really comes down the youthful spirit that none of us ever grow out of. Even as a 28-year-old man, I'm not afraid to admit I still get giddy when someone asks be to unwrap a birthday present, and these subscriptions offer the same experience.

Sportsman's Box is the gift that keeps on giving for all of us who love to hunt and fish, and I can now vouch for just how much bang you get for your buck.

I was fortunate enough to receive the Executive Sportsman's Box, the heftiest of three options, containing five to eight items worth up to $550 for a price of $299.99 per box.

To go a more affordable route, you could go with the Pro Sportman's Box, which gives you four to six items worth up to $300 worth of gear for a price of $164.99. Or, you can go even smaller with the Weekender Sportsman's Box, which has three to five items worth up to $180 for a price of $109.99.

I've always wanted to try one of these services out, so I was dangerously optimistic when it showed up at my door, and yet it still surpassed my expectations.

You've Got Mail

Sportsman's Box

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I suppose I should've expected a big box when ordering the top option, but it's safe to say the size of the box itself caught me off-guard.

If you break down and try the service out, I'll advise you learn from my mistake and have a knife at the ready so you don't have to wait any longer than necessary to find out what you have. Having a giant box of hunting and fishing goodies taunting you is nothing short of painful.

However, once I was able to get inside, I found refreshingly wide variety of different items that I could immediately find a place for in my inventory of outdoor gear.

Sportsman's Box

At first, the only thing I could see was a folded gun case donning some Realtree MAX-5 camouflage, which I quickly realized was the Allen Punisher Floating Shotgun Case, which comes in with a retail value of $117.99.

With such an expansive market for gun cases, it would've been easy for them to throw in a cheaper case with a big name, but I can safely say this thing is nicer than any gun case I've owned. In fact, I've never actually seen a floating, waterproof gun case, so I'm already reimagining all the ways I can transport my guns afield on my upcoming hunts, particularly for those out on the marsh.

Once I finished admiring my new case, I unveiled a pile of smaller, but valuable items I could use for multiple applications.

First starting from the left is the ALPS Outdoorz RMEF Ridge Stalker Bino Harness, which sports an MSRP of $54.99.

bino harness

I conveniently have been procrastinating the purchase of a decent bino harness for well over a year now, so this one hit the jackpot for me.

This is a wildly comfortable harness with 1680D Nylon Ballistic Fabric for elite durability, and offers a nice way to carry your binos into the backcountry without putting them at risk. Some of its features include a complimentary lens cloth, a fleece-lined interior for lens protection, lashing points for extra accessories, and one side pocket for storing a wind indicator.


Next down the line is the most valuable item included in my box, which carries a retail tag of $199.99. The Tactacam Solo Hunter Package allows you to film your own hunts, namely your killshots, by attaching this simple, compact camera to your gun or bow.

It features only a power button, and then immediately begins auto-recording, eliminating any type of process when it's time to shoot.

The package includes the Tactacam Solo Wifi Camera, a Solo battery, a USB cable with a charging wall adapter, a Tactacam decal, a flat-black 32-millimeter stabilizer, a custom gun mount and an under-scope rail mount.

Also included was the Mustad 50-Pound Digital Scale, which sits at $31.99 and has proven itself as a timeless fishing essential.

Next there was a $19.99 ScrapeFix Combo Kit for attracting those big bucks to your trail camera spot during the rut, a $14.95 Zippo Typhoon Match Kit for starting fires in a pinch and a $29.99 Wicked Utility Saw for cutting even the hardest materials.

And finally, I received the most versatile, yet necessary tool that every hunter or fisherman must have: a headlamp. With a sticker price of $69.99, the Alps Torch 250 Headlamp is a great option at a very affordable price, and one worth the consideration of every outdoorsman.

So in total, I received eight items for a grand total of over $539, which comes at an out-of-pocket cost of only $299.

Most outdoorsmen would probably fear spending the money on a box and getting a bunch of stuff they really don't need, but Sportsman's Box allows you set your preferences based on the types of outdoor activities you do, as well as where you prefer to do them.

I think I'll be able to find a use for every one of these items, so Sportsman's Box earns two thumbs up from me.