gunner flyway series

Gunner Launches Annual Flyway Series Dog Kennel to Benefit Ducks Unlimited

Gunner's newest Flyway Series kennel features a unique cinnamon colorway.

Every year, Gunner releases a new rendition of their Flyway Series limited dog kennels, each falling into a theme of honoring North America's most famous flyways.

The Los Banos Kennel, a burnt-orange version of Gunner's famed G1 Dog Kennel, pays tribute to the Pacific Flyways, specifically Los Banos. Hunters from all over the world visit the San Joaquin River basin of the Central Valley year-round in pursuit of California and cinnamon teal.

Until the end of September 2021, Gunner Kennels will offer customers the ability to donate $1 at checkout to the California Ducks Unlimited Chapter, in honor of the Los Banos kennel, this year's limited edition of their annual Flyway Series. Gunner will then match every donated dollar to benefit CA DU.

Gunner Flyway Series

The cinnamon color lends homage to the lively plumage of a cinnamon teal, while the black door symbolizes the bird's black bill and wing-feathers.

The North American Waterfowl Management Plan and Ducks Unlimited's International Conservation Plan recognizes the Central Valley of California as one of the most important areas for waterfowl in North America, as it annually supports up to 60 percent of wintering waterfowl in the Pacific Flyway, as well as 50 percent of spring migrating shorebirds.

The 6,217 acres of managed habitat is revered as one of the best waterfowl hunting destinations in North America, as it hosts over 200 species of birds.

gunner flyway series

The heavy-duty G1 Kennel is a staple in the gun dog community, as it remains the only double-wall, rotomolded crate on the market, which gives your hunting dog double the impact protection any competitor can.

It also features an aluminum-framed, reversible door with a paddle-latch and a key-in-the-hole lock, as well as backup safety latches to keep your best friend from escaping.

With only a week left in this limited time offer, don't wait to order your Gunner Los Banos Flyway Series G1 Kennel.

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