spear hunting Texas exotic game

Spear Hunting Texas Exotic Game with Tim Wells: Watch and Learn

Watch how spear hunting Texas exotic game on the run with Tim Wells is deadly. 

Spear hunting Texas exotic game takes on a whole new meaning when Tim Wells is behind a spear.  He has numerous harvested animals with a spear. Moreover, nearly all of his videoed kills expire in under 100 yards. 

Talk about deadly! Wells is a professional, and this thrilling footage proves it.

The herds he is hunting are all considered free ranging animals. The exotics are exploding in numbers across the state and provide for a great source of revenue for the state of Texas. Avid hunters who don't want to travel over seas are fortunate because they can travel to the southern U.S. to harvest these animals.

Several whitetail frequent the ranch as well, but are not in season during this footage.

Wells hoped that he would harvest an axis deer or black buck, but when the monster oryx ran by with a herd Wells didn't hesitate with his 'one-throw' kill.

The 350-pound oryx hardly ran 80-yards where the buck expired. Wells throws a nearly perfect spear penetrating the exotic game species in the vitals for a fatal throw.

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