Fishermen Reel in a Nice Cod... with a Deadly Snake Biding its Time in its Mouth

These fishermen were happy to pull in a nice catch, until they realized this deadly snake was inside its mouth. 

This video was taken in Australia by a friend of fisherman Andy Warton, who reeled in the incredible double whammy.

Inside the mouth of his fish was its fresh dinner, a spotted black snake. To make matters worse, the spotted black snake is one of the most venomous snakes in Australia.

As Warton told The Mirror, "I've been fishing since I was six years old and fishing in Northern Australian waters since 1999 and I have never seen anything like this before."

In the video, you can hear the surprise in his voice as he narrates, "This is a cod and it's got a snake in its mouth." The snake was still moving and had only been recently eaten by the cod.

Let this be a reminder to handle any catch with caution - you never know what could be lurking, ready to nip your finger as you remove the lure.

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