South Carolina Woman Has Fright Of Her Life When She Discovers Snake On Hood Of Her Car
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South Carolina Woman Has Fright Of Her Life When She Discovers Snake On Hood Of Her Car

Commuting to work is already stressful as it is unless you work at home like I do. You have to drag yourself out of bed, make half an attempt to comb your hair and get dressed, and burn the roof of your mouth on too-hot coffee. However, one South Carolina woman probably wins the worst commute of the year. She got quite the fright when she found a snake slithering across the hood of her car.

She was on her way to work when she spotted the creature. I'm sure that definitely woke her up from any morning sleepiness. The incident apparently happened last week in Union, South Carolina.

Speaking with local outlet WYFF. the woman who identified herself as L. Ford opened up about her morning commute. She said she saw the snake on the hood of her car while she was driving. Rather than panicking and crashing the car, the South Carolina woman whipped out her phone to take a video.

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"I was about halfway to work when I saw this black snake slithering back and forth across my hood," Ford told the outlet. "At one point, it got between my wind guards and my window."

Fortunately, the snake didn't get in the car. "Luckily, I had both windows rolled up," she added.

Black Snake On Hood

Ford ended up sharing the video that she captured of the snake with the outlet. Overall, she said the encounter was definitely a sobering one. It turns out like many people, Ford is deathly afraid of snakes, so this was truly a worst case scenario for the woman.

"I was ... dying of a panic attack. Snakes are my biggest phobia," Ford told the outlet.

She believes the snake hid in her engine for the evening. However, when she started the car, it had to take its chances elsewhere. Ford told WYFF, "I'm guessing it was in my engine compartment, and once it got too hot, it decided to move to a cooler spot, and that's when I saw it."

So what happened to the snake? Well, she believes it may have flown off or exited the vehicle when she stopped. "Hopefully, it exited my vehicle and found a new home," she said.